It’s Time to Cast Your Ballot!

radio-board-mapNominations are now closed for open seats on the KBA Board of Directors for new two year terms beginning on January 1, 2017. In two districts, only one candidate filed with no opposition.

In Radio District 8, Randy Thompson of WKCB radio in Hindman will assume the seat currently held by Keith Casebolt.

Additionally, Marti Hazel of WDRB-TV/ WMYO-TV Louisville was unopposed and will serve another term as Television Director- Louisville Market.

In Radio District 2, no one was nominated for the seat currently held by Brack Stacy of the Cromwell Group in Owensboro. Therefore, as dictated in the by-laws, the KBA Chairman will make an appointment to that seat to be approved by the executive committee.

In Radio District 4, an election will be held between Mark Buckles of Heritage Media of Leitchfield and Barb Smith of Forcht Broadcasting in Campbellsville.

In District 6, six candidates will square off in an election to succeed Bridgett Gambrel of Forcht Broadcasting, London, who is ineligible to seek a third term. The candidates running for Radio District 6 include: Kelly Wallingford, WCYO, WLFX, WEKY, and WIRV, Richmond; Dr. David S. Carr, Somerset Educational Broadcasting,Somerset; Robert Wagner, Hometown Radio Network, Danville; Mike Tarter, Forcht Broadcasting, Somerset; Jonathan Smith, Choice Radio, Stanford; and Travis Moody, WRIL, Middlesboro.

For Public Radio Director, John Hingsbergen of WEKU , Richmond ( who currently holds the seat) and Tom Godell of WUKY, Lexington will run against each other for that position.

According to KBA bylaws, ballots will be sent out electronically (i.e. email) to the general managers of districts where there is more than one candidate. Those ballots are due back by close-of-business on October 6th.

Districts where elections will be held–election closes at 5pm on Thursday, October 6:

District Two: Appointment by Chairman

District Four:
Mark Buckles, Heritage Media, Leitchfield
Barbara Smith, Forcht Broadcasting, Campbellsville

District Six:
Kelly Wallingford, President, WCYO, WLFX, WEKY, WIRV, Richmond
Dr. David S. Carr, Somerset Educational Broadcasting, Somerset
Robert Wagner, Hometown Radio Network, Danville
Mike Tarter, Forcht Broadcasting, Somerset
Jonathan Smith, Choice Radio,Stanford
Travis Moody, WRIL, Middlesboro

Public Radio Director:
Tom Godell, WUKY Radio, Lexington
John Hingsbergen, WEKU, Richmond

Ballots are due to KBA headquarters no later than 5pm on Thursday, October 6, 2016 to Remember, only one vote per station is permitted. If you are unsure of your district, please click here.

If you have any questions or did not receive your ballot, please contact Liza Livers at or call (502)848-0426.

2016 Annual Conference


“Alive and Well”
October 10-11, 2016
Bowling Green, KY


September 9 – Registration Deadline for Hotel Reservations
October 3 – Deadline to register for the 2016 KBA Conference




Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Stations (not just TV stations) are making thousands of dollars with their website, texting, email etc.  You’ll hear from one of our KBA members in a very small market.  This is not just selling banner ads!
  • Here in the fall, we’ll hear how to make our play by play of high school football and upcoming basketball games come “alive” as we huddle with the  radio voice of the Cats, Tom Leach!
  • Engineering for TV and radio.   Plenty of time for Q&A with members of the Society of Broadcast Engineering.  We’ll hear about what radio folks need to know as the new “television” rules on spectrum space come to fruition.  Are you ready for the possibility of moving your FM antenna located on a television tower?
  • How the new Labor Regulations from Washington may hit your bottom line! This a must to see and hear!  This is new to all of us and it kicks in December 1st, 2016!!!  Don’t get “fined” by the Department of Labor!!
  • What’s the latest from the FCC?  Dawn Sciarrino, attorney with the KBA for 20 years, anchors this seminar. Bring your FCC questions with you for there will be plenty of time for Q&A.
  • If this doesn’t rev you up, how about a boat ride in Lost River Cave?  Or, how about a round a golf on Monday October 10th  the day before our opening session with seminars? There’s always a tour of the Corvette museum in Bowling Green.

KBA Conference Highlights

benjamin-nesmerSeminar Spotlight:
Benjamin Nesmer, Nemal Electronics
Fiber Optic Cables for HDTV Broadcast
Tuesday, October 11

This presentation provides an overview of the applications fro Fiber Optics in Broadcast, including a brief history of the evolution from analog transmission through 4K and 8K. We will discuss the different types of fiber optic cables, connectors, and Media Converters, with emphasis on SMTE and Tactical Fiber products. We will also cover installation considerations and maintenance, both for inside plant as well as mobile broadcast. Finally, we will take a look at tooling and test equipment. There will be samples on display to illustrate many of the products we discuss.

david-sheaperdSeminar Spotlight:
David Sheaperd, Drake Lighting, Inc.
FAA Information
Tuesday, October 11

The FAA published a new obstruction marking and lighting standard, December 4, 2015, called the AC70/7460-1L. This presentation will focus on the major changes made to the standard and how this can affect your marking and lighting. It will cover how best to use this standard to upgrade your obstruction marking and some pitfalls to watch . At the conclusion of this session , there will be ample time to ask direct questions regarding your tower lighting and what might be the best option to take for you particular needs. Afterwards, Davis will have a demo product to show the latest in High Intensity LED lighting fixtures.

paul-barzizzaSeminar Spotlight:
Paul Barzizza, GatesAir Representative
TV Repack
Tuesday, October 11
1:45pm-3:00pmWith the television spectrum auction underway and repacking not far behind, it is time to take an updated look at the process, timing and number of stations that will likely be repacked, the available resources and other facts that will help stations through the repacking process.  This presentation will also look at the technical impact on stations forced to repack, those spared from repacking, and on other broadcast services including FM radio and television translators.
beth-mannSeminar Spotlight:
Beth Mann, WKDZ
Digital Media for TV & Radio
Tuesday, October 11

What is your digital game plan? Why does digital matter to you, and how does it impact your company? This hands-on session will provide you with some ideas on how to expand your digital offerings, how to measure the success of your digital products, and how to generate more digital revenue. Learn how to turn digital dimes into digital dollars even in small markets. Digital can be more than 20% of your total revenue in markets all across Kentucky, from Pikeville to Paducah.
wm-m-morganSeminar Spotlight:
BMI Artist William Michael Morgan
Monday, October 10

Not only are there great educational opportunities at the conference, but some fun as well. On Monday night, BMI artist William Michael Morgan will be at Lost River Cave. He will perform his hit “I Met a Girl.” Join us for this fantastic event!
Art Grunewald, legendary broadcaster and his lovely wife Suzy will be joining us for our Awards Dinner on Tuesday, October 11. Art was the KBA President in 1969. He and his wife Suzy currently live in Louisville. We are honored to have Mr. Grunewald and his wife at this event.

Grunewald managed WSON in Henderson, KY. The station was coincidentally owned by your own President and CEO, Henry G. Lackey who purchased it from his father, Hecht S. Lackey in 1979.  In 2010, WSON was sold to Henson Media, Inc. Grunewald later worked for the Kentucky News Network based out of Louisville, KY before his retirement.

jeff-lindemanSeminar Spotlight:
Jeff Lindemann, Frost, Brown, Todd, LLC Attorneys
How the New Labor Laws May Affect Your Station
Tuesday, October 11

The Department of Labor recently made significant changes to the salary threshold for the “white collar” exemptions.  This presentation will discuss these changes, as well as how they intersect with the FLSA’s 1961 exemption for small-market broadcasters.
Lunch Keynote Speaker
Jeff Brohm
Western Kentucky University Head Football Coach
Tuesday, October 11

jeff-brohmA native Kentuckian and one of the state’s most notable football products, enters his third season as head football coach at WKU. Under Brohm’s steadfast leadership, the Hilltoppers have won consecutive bowl games, coming away with championships in the 2015 Miami Beach Bowl and 2014 Popeye’s Bahamas Bowl. He has the honor of being the first head coach in program history to win 20 games in his first two years.Brohm’s professional career includes the San Diego Chargers, San Francisco 49ers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Denver Broncos and Cleveland Browns.
tom-leachSeminar Spotlight:
Tom Leach
Sports Play by Play
Tuesday, October 11

The man, the legend. Tom Leach, the official voice of the Kentucky Wildcats inspires and engages us with his seminar on sports broadcasting. 

Seminar Spotlight:
David Rich 

Contagious Selling: How to Sell Profitably in a Media Fragmented World
Tuesday, October 11
Session 1: 9:00a.m.-10:15a.m.
Session 2: 10:30a.m.-11:45a.m.

john-david-richJoin David Rich, nationally known professional speaker and best selling author of How to Stay Motivated on a Daily Basis and How to Click with Everyone Every Time. Gimmicks and old worn out sales tactics don’t work in this highly media fragmented world. You should be focused on building a relationship rather than merely closing a sale. In this three hour advanced session, you will learn:
  • How selling is more personal than ever before
  • The three things that make someone “contagious”
  • How the market-place has changed and why clients are less loyal
  • Ten things buyer’s are taught and how to respond
  • How to defuse price and budget objections
  • How to talk and demonstrate ROI
Seminar Spotlight:
Jeff Hedquist 
Creative Copywriting
Tuesday, October 11, 2016

jeff-hedquistJeff Hedquist is a legendary writer, singer, commercial extraordinaire. Throughout this session, you will be inspired and amazed as you learn what you can do to set the course for commercials that succeed, identify common ” commercial killers,” and ways to keep commercials from sounding like commercials.