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Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program

The KBA Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) is a special partnership between the KBA and the FCC. Stations which participate in the ABIP program can receive a 3-year exemption from routine FCC inspections. The FCC and KBA have an official agreement regarding the alternative inspections and information gathered by the alternative inspector is confidential between the station and the alternative inspector.


The KBA conducts alternative inspections throughout the year. To participate in the program, please click on the link at the bottom of this page to get started.


Step-by-Step of How ABIP Works:

  1. Determine if your station(s) wish to participate in the program. Review all the following details to make an informed decision.
  2. Click on the link below to complete the ABIP application.
  3. Once KBA receives the ABIP application, the information is turned over to the inspector who in turn will contact the station to set inspection date.
  4. The station and KBA agree upon an inspection date within 150 days.
  5. On the assigned date, the KBA inspector conducts the alternative inspection at your station. If the station desires, the inspector will work with station staff to cover many of the details and compliance issues. The inspection also serves as an educational workshop for your staff. If no staff is available, the inspector will conduct the inspection anyway.
  6. Upon completion of the inspection (regardless of the results), your station receives a confidential summary of the inspection.
  7. If your station passes the ABIP, you will receive a Certificate of Compliance. A letter is sent to the FCC which has guaranteed that they will not conduct a routine inspection of that station for three years. If your station does not pass the alternative inspection, you will have an opportunity to correct the infractions as indicated in your confidential report. A re-inspection may be necessary depending on the issues. The FCC is not notified of stations which do not pass or do not correct the infractions.

Each station will receive a complete report from the inspector on the station. This report is confidential and is not shared with the FCC or any other party.

What EXACTLY is covered in an ABIP inspection?

The inspector will cover all the items listed on the FCC’s Self Inspection Checklists. KBA encourages every station to review this checklist regardless of whether the station participates in the ABIP program.

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