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To access current PEP radio spots, broadcast orders and traffic instructions, click the corresponding sponsor logo. Monthly affidavits should be sent by e-mail to or to KBA, 101 Enterprise Drive, Frankfort KY 40601. KBA also has accounts with Spotdata, Adcore/eMediaTrade, RadioInvoices, TVInvoices and Marketron.

What Is PEP?

The Public Education Partnership (PEP) program allows state agencies, organizations and non-profits to increase awareness and educate the public across the Commonwealth.

The Kentucky Broadcasters Association (KBA) provides access to a statewide network of radio and television stations – providing PEP clients with the means to promote their all-important messages and stretch their education and awareness budgets.

Through PEP, the KBA arranges placement of a client’s announcements on radio and television stations throughout every Kentucky broadcast market. Broadcasters generously contribute their best available unsold time to air the PEP announcements, providing the sponsoring agencies with time slots that are varied. Station participation in the PEP program is voluntary.

PEP clients develop radio and TV spots, then enter into annual agreements with KBA. KBA provides traffic information and links to spots for participating stations.

The return on investment for PEP clients is 10:1 – for every dollar spent, clients get 10 times that amount in spot values.

For more information, contact PEP Coordinator Lisa York Gross at or (502) 229-9078.

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KBA member radio and TV stations support the Public Education Program (PEP) by running spots provided by PEP sponsors. See the documents on this page for information about which stations participated in PEP each month of a given year. These data are based on monthly reports provided to KBA by stations.

Please note that the KY Farm Bureau runs PEP spots during its weekly program Across Kentucky, which is carried by more than 100 stations in the state.

Thanks to all of our member stations that participate in PEP!

KBA Member Radio and TV Stations Participating in PEP

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